Local Climate There is an Ally of Your Health

12 June 2021

The Bayramali sanatorium, the oldest one in Turkmenistan, is a health resort gem of the country. It will be 90 years in two years. The main type of therapy used at the Bayramali resort is climatotherapy. Many scientists have been studying the beneficial effects of the local climate on patients with nephritis, methods of treatment, indications and contraindications.

The unique properties of the climate zone where the resort is located have been known since the beginning of the last century – the local dry air proved to be curative for patients diagnosed with kidney diseases. As a climatic resort, the sanatorium, designed for 25 patients diagnosed with nephritis, officially began to work in 1933, and its development was gaining momentum. The 1941–1945 war made adjustments to the fate of the health resort. The sanatorium accommodated an evacuation hospital during the first months of the war, and the Research Institute of Climatology and Balneology, evacuated from Sochi, worked there later. During the war, the health resort helped thousands of defenders of the Motherland restore their health. After the war, patients with kidney diseases continued to receive treatment at the sanatorium. From November to March, the sanatorium accepted patients with cardiovascular diseases. The experience of treating these disorders has proved to be highly effective over many decades, and the Bayramali resort became the first cardiology resort in Turkmenistan.

NT. Photos: Hasan MAGADOV