The constitution is a guarantee of sovereign development, prosperity and happy life

15 May 2021

The Basic Law and the high-flying State Flag are national treasures that embody our glorious past, the greatness of the present era, a bright future, the inviolability of our unity and solidarity and our high dignity.

On May 18, 1992, based on their unshakable right to determine their fate, the people of Turkmenistan adopted the Basic Law of the country. This day became one of the most important historical events of the period of laying the foundation of our independent state, which set out on the path of independent and free development. We celebrate the Day of the Constitution and the State Flag as a national holiday, which embodies the commitment of the Turkmen people to the inseparable connection of historical milestones and generations, the great values of humanism and the principles of peace and creation. The role of the Constitution of independent neutral Turkmenistan over the years of its effect was discussed by the participants of a round-table discussion organised by the editorial board of NT.

Photo: Sagit BATALOV