Bicycle —a means of healthy life

15 April 2021

The word «Bicycle» was derived from the conjunction of Latin words «velox» — fast and «pes» — foot. As is known from its name, in this type of sport knee and foot parts of a leg are mostly active. Doctors have noted that as a result of continual daily cycling in fresh air, there is a very low level of possibility for developing exhaustion, anxiety and distress in a human body. Moreover, it contributes to keep metabolism in stability and eliminate excess fats. The effect of physical conditions occurring during cycling extends to 2-3 hours after stopping it.

Nowadays, a bicycle is considered to be the most widespread means of transport. Its cheap price, light weight, small size, no fuel consumption and its safety increase the attraction of this type of transport. Cycling as a sport is especially popular in our country. At present construction of modern cycle tracks and other sport complexes, the wonderful tradition of our National Leader holding regular cycling marches uniting thousands of population of Turkmenistan gave a powerful impetus to developing cycling sport.

the English teacher of the Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management
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