Organ-preserving operations for placenta previa and placenta accreta

15 April 2021

Despite the development of science in general, and in particular the development of obstetrics, at present, maternal mortality remains one of the primary problems in different countries [1, 2]. In our country and abroad, numerous scientific works are devoted to the problem of maternal mortality, the main focus of which is the study of causes, prevention and conducting quality treatment, which allows to avoid irreversible consequences of obstetric bleeding. For a long time, there was a provision on the need for a planned hysterectomy for placenta previa and placenta accreta in order to avoid massive bleeding [3, 5]. According to the literature and on the recommendations of foreign authors, in case of pathology of the placenta, methods of organ-preserving operations are used [4].

The aim of the work is to analyze the results of managing patients with placenta previa and true placenta accreta.

Ahal velayat center for mother and child health care
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