Changes in portal hemodynamics in patients with liver cirrhosis

15 April 2021

Latent course of many chronic diffuse liver diseases and, as a result, their delayed diagnosis underlie the frequent formation of liver cirrhosis (LC) [7, 9]. The cause of death of patients with LC is mainly complications of portal hypertension (PH), among which bleeding from esophageal varicose veins dilatation (EVVD) is 40%, hepatic encephalopathy 30%, infectious (pneumonia, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, urinary infections) complications 30%.

Changes in intrahepatic hemodynamics play one of the key roles in the pathogenesis of hepatic diseases. Doppler ultrasound of vessels of the portal system is considered an affordable, informative and non-invasive method in the early diagnosis of liver diseases [8].

Department of hospital therapy with a course of Clinical Pharmacology and Endocrinology of M.Garryyev SMUT
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