The Garden in Bamy

22 July 2020

Bamy is one of the ancient villages in the Baharden district. If you go by car along the Ashgabat – Turkmenbashy automobile highway at the 170 km. distance you will see a garden on the right side of the road.

Before planting trees here the specimens of the soil and water of this area were taken to Turkey and their laboratory analysis was made. According to that analysis young plants of fruit-trees were chosen. There is an eternal truth in the world. That is the natural peculiarities of the Earth according to its parallel belt. Turkmenistan is situated on the same parallel belt not only with neighbouring countries but with Israel, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Japan, with some territories of the USA which are situated at the far distance. It means that the trees, plants growing in those areas will grow in Turkmenistan too. Because there are several similarities in the climate of those territories.

Gurbannazar ORAZGULYYEV,
(Photos by the author).