To Glorify a Woman is to Glorify the Motherland and Life Itself

5 March 2021

Following the tradition, the celebrations are arranged in Ashgabat on the first days of spring in honour of the winners in the Woman of Year Contest. The Women’s Union of Turkmenistan holds the contest to honour those who make a worthy contribution with their professionalism, talent, creative labour and accomplishments to enhance the welfare of the Motherland, to preserve the national cultural heritage and to bring up the younger generation in the best national traditions and also embody dignity, honour and moral purity.

Turkmen women…Tall and slender, they conquer with their unique beauty, bright national costumes and proud posture. This is what travellers wrote about our women. Preserving their identity in the Era of Might and Happiness, our women work with inspiration in various sectors, hold public offices, participate in social life and implement the state programmes with their selfless labour, enhancing the strength of our Motherland.

NT. Photo: Maksat AKMAMMEDOV
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