Peace-building is the basis of the policy of neutral Turkmenistan (2021 Turkmenistan – the homeland of peace and trust)

27 February 2021

Turkmenistan pursues foreign policy based on the principles of positive neutrality, peace-loving, open doors, good neighborliness and equal beneficial co-operation with countries of the world. Today, our country closely co-operates with the UN, OSCE, EU, CIS and other authoritative international organizations on pressing issues of international agenda. Under the wise leadership of our esteemed President, Turkmenistan's foreign policy plays an influential role in international relations. Last year our country widely celebrated 25th anniversary of its permanent neutrality. The year 2020 entered in the history of our sovereign as one of the most important date.

Co-operation of Turkmenistan with the United Nations Organization is built on the principles of strategic partnership and has received new content at modern time. The United Nations highly value Turkmenistan's political role in the region and the world, which is an authoritative member that plays a weighty and important role. As is known, UN General Assembly adopted relevant Resolutions «On Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan», including the Resolution at its 75th session in December 2020 on «The Role and Importance of a Policy of Neutrality in Maintaining and Strengthening International Peace, Security and Sustainable Development» with the unanimous support of the UN member states. Adoption of the Resolutions clearly testify the importance of Turkmenistan's positive experience in ensuring global peace, security and sustainable development and confirms high positive role of the policy of neutrality in solution of current objectives of the global agenda.

Lecturer of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan.
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