New Products in the Domestic Industry

21 June 2024

The development of the economy of Turkmenistan in the period of the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State is characterised by the presence of two main features – the strengthening of the potential of the private sector and its technological transformation. Domestic enterprises, as a rule, rely on sustainable development, introducing best business practices. An example in this sense is the Toprak Economic Society, specialising in the production of paper and cardboard products.

The Company, founded in 1998, is currently the flagship of the national pulp and paper industry. At the beginning of its functioning, the Company was engaged in collecting waste paper and processing it. Now the Company has four large production facilities and a multifunctional industrial infrastructure. The Company not only provides consumers in a timely manner, but also creates confidence in potential customers, including foreign ones, in its responsible attitude towards partners.

NT. Photo courtesy of the Toprak Economic Society