Favourite of a Large Family

5 December 2020

Two years ago, our newspaper told that a resident of the Babadayhan farmers’ association, Mary etrap, Ajapsoltan Hajiyeva celebrated her 118th birthday in good health. And now, Ajapsoltan-dayza has lived until her 120th anniversary.

The phenomenon of her longevity does not cease to amaze. She was born in 1900. During her lifetime, there were transformations of socio-political life in our land. She remembers well how her fellow villagers went to the front during the Great Patriotic War and with what joy in 1945 the whole village greeted the news about victory over the enemy. The Almighty gave her happiness to live until the days of independence and neutrality of her native Motherland and to see not only the happy life of her children, but also grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even great-great-grandchildren.

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