7 November 2023

After gaining independence, our country completely reorganised financial relations. These relations facilitated accelerated production growth in market conditions. As a result, GDP is now growing at its fastest rate. During the years of independence, a number of laws and regulations on financial relations at enterprises have been adopted. For example, the laws on business, entrepreneurship, joint stock companies, taxes and property and many other laws are implemented. These laws are updated regularly to meet the demands of modern market economy.

In this regard, the Law On Youth State Policy, which sets forth the legal framework, goals, objectives, principles, main areas, measures and approaches to the implementation of the state youth policy in Turkmenistan, was adopted. The general provisions of the Constitution envisage creating conditions conducive to research, innovation and entrepreneurial activities of citizens of Turkmenistan aged 14 to 30 years, protecting the life of young people and building life supporting infrastructure.

Ogulmahri REJEPOVA
Academy of Public Service under President of Turkmenistan Head of the Department of Economy and Finance