The me­dical Cent­res of In­ter­na­tio­nal Level

10 November 2020

In the «Turk­me­nis­tan is the ho­me of Neut­ra­li­ty» year on the eve of the Day of Wor­kers of Healthcare Me­dical In­dust­ry of Turk­me­nis­tan the ope­ning cere­mo­nies of lar­ge const­ructions of me­dical sys­tem to­ok place in the capi­tal of our count­ry.

In the mor­ning of the 10th of Octo­ber our es­tee­med Pre­si­dent Gurbanguly Ber­di­mu­ha­me­dov ar­rived in the square be­fo­re the buil­ding of In­ter­na­tio­nal Cent­re for Curing Burn Di­sea­ses const­ructed along the Bek­reve Street of Ash­ga­bat. The const­ructi­on of the buil­ding was given start in March of 2018. The five-sto­rey buil­ding of mo­dern In­ter­na­tio­nal Cent­re for Curing Burn Di­sea­ses built by the «Gap Ins­haat» com­pa­ny from Tur­key has beds for 130 pa­tients. 20 of them are in­ten­ded for child­ren and 80 beds are in­ten­ded for adult pa­tients, the rest 30 beds are in­ten­ded for de­part­ments of plas­tic sur­ge­ry and in­ten­sive the­ra­py.