A Wrestler Dish (A Short Story)

10 November 2020

Berdi has returned from anniversary birthday party with a trophy. «He is not Berdi, but he is a brave spirit» as said Madresul, friend and fellow student of Berdi who had brought him to the party. Leaving the party, Berdi muttered to himself all the way coming to the hostel. «Well, would you ever do such a thing if you are not an out-and-out fool, as Gorogly beg used to say. Not for nothing do our forefathers said, «Don’ t ever try do something which you cannot grasp». Well, you’ve come here to study. Well, you do some wrestling. So what?! Aren’t there any other wrestlers except you? Wrestling doesn’t mean that you are the winner. Wrestling is just trying your luck. You either win or lose. If you are strong enough with your muscular calves, strong wrists and have knowledge of numerous wrestling methods – then, you are the winner. Otherwise, you are subjected to defeat by opponent with your back, touching the ground, and if you are able to move quickly from under your rival, then have no other choice rather than leaving the wrestling field accompanied with derisive laughter from spectators. And if you taste someone’s bitter words, you will be shivering and trembling with breaking out in goose pimples all over your body. In addition, if he says, «Alas, the ground where this fleshy wrestler fell down cracked with resounding noise, I am afraid that he has wetted his pants». You will tell yourself, «I know how to wrestle if I ever wrestle again», while leaving the field by getting to your feet and dusting your pants, showing unwillingness and biting your lips out of remorse and anger. On the other hand, if they read your mind and tell, «Well, come back then», your situation might be much worse than previous one.

A Turkmen saying «Loser will never satisfy with his results of wrestling» might have appeared after such incidents. Nevertheless, I have not lost to the opponent and disgraced myself in foreign land, Thank God! Oh, Berdi, don’t get disappointed, man! You have an absolute right to show off after achieving a grand prize of party! But, beware you Madresul! Don’t ever try to come in my sight! For you played a trick by putting a dish before me. As the saying goes, «The dough of this bread was kneaded of trouble», that dish full of meat, was full of a secret…»

Gurbannazar ORAZGULYYEV.
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