Ashgabat, the City twice born

9 November 2020

Ashgabat is the crossroad for the life paths of many Turkmen people. Many Turkmen poets and writers created their masterpieces in connection with Ashgabat, because it is the city that unites all the people of Turkmenistan. Many great events took place in this city, the capital of Turkmenistan. Each building or street of the city reminds of historical events like a symbolic monument. The Ashgabat Railway Station is the starting point for many of them. It connects not only all the provinces of the country but it was also the station from which Turkmen people saw off their sons who went to the frontline to defend their Motherland during the Great Patriotic War. Day and night trains loaded with the necessary goods for the front passed along this railway station.

In peaceful life, the Ashgabat railway station is always full of people starting on journeys, trips for different purposes. Especially, in summer and autumn there are many young people, girls and boys dressed brightly, reminding the colours of rainbow, come to study to Ashgabat.

Romanguly MUSTAKOW,
Head of the Foreign Literature Department of Magtymguly State University, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor.
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