An Important Step to Access to World Markets

24 October 2020

The foreign-policy course of Turkmenistan is based on the principles of peacefulness, good neighbourliness and equal and mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested foreign partners. Moreover, the foreign policy of Turkmenistan is a logical continuation of the domestic policy and is regulated by the international legal status of permanent neutrality, recognised by the United Nations. This fully contributes to constructive mutually beneficial cooperation with all foreign partners.

An important step to enter the international economic strata is a landmark event in the life of our state – Turkmenistan’s accession to the World Trade Organisation in observer status. This status is to contribute to the dynamic economic growth of Turkmenistan, to strengthen its positions in foreign trade, to promote multilateral cooperation, to attract foreign investments and to develop international trade relations. This also relates to the development of commercial and trading strategies, including their successful realisation.

Ogultach SOYUNOVA,
Candidate of Economics, Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan