Lake Mollakurban — a Gem of the Karakum Desert

24 October 2020

Long trips to the depths of the Karakum Desert to conduct biodiversity surveys are the everyday life of ecologists, but each new visit to the vast expanse of the multifaceted sands makes you sure of the beauty of our sunny land.

The route of a small expeditionary group of scientists stretched from Turkmen Lake Altyn Asyr. We skirted round its overflows and stopped several times to take pictures of birds, white and black saxaul thickets that formed thick forests in some places and gorgeously fruiting bushes of the sandy acacia. We were lucky to find an interesting and rare plant in the Family Fabaceae in those places. It is called gulan guyruk, and its scientific name is Eremosparton. The plant is endemic to the Karakum Desert; it grows on the dunes and in the territory of the state nature reserves Bereketli Karakum and Repetek. The Artemisia dimoana from the Red Data Book was found in some places.

the Head at the Research Department, Kopetdag State Natural Reserve, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection of Turkmenistan