Advantages of Table Tennis

24 October 2020

In connection with the situation and medical norms doing sports at home is necessary, especially for professional athletes who must constantly keep a sports form in a certain state. For many athletes, home conditions are quite acceptable and even more in demand. But how can table tennis masters train at home? After all, not everyone has their own spacious hall with a bulk inventory. It turns out that for them an effective lesson plan without a specialised table for the game is also developed, which is aimed not only at maintaining proper sports form, but also for improving game skills.

In the same conditions, Turkmen followers of this Olympic sport, including young athletes who especially need such training, exercise. Firstly, let’s talk about physical exercises that can help improve professional skills. This is primarily a load on the leg muscles, which are the main driving force when playing table tennis. The main factor is the ability to move with lightning speed in your area along the table. For the development of these qualities it is necessary to apply speed races (sprint) for short distances (10, 20, 30 and 40 metres). The area around the house can be a running field.